About Tekyard, LLC.

Our Vision:

The Healthcare industry's most trusted and responsive asset management services company.


Provide ethical, flexible, customer-centric personnel and technology to address the asset management needs of our Healthcare Provider clients.

Who We Are:

TEKYARD, LLC. is a U.S.A. based business specializing in marketing and sales of technology and medical related equipment. Our mission is to provide ethical, flexible, customer-centric personnel and technology to address The asset management needs of our healthcare provider clients.

What we do?

We develop and implement customized solutions for our customers helping them market or re-market Medical and IT equipment

Tekyard will:

Consign, purchase, pick up, inventory, warehouse, sell, report and pay you for your surplus equipment.
Clean, power up, test, photograph, and market the functionality, completeness and cosmetic condition of your medical equipment to buyers around the globe.
Market and sale items through direct solicitation, online auction, targeted and mass mailings, website auctions, broker fixed equipment assets onsite, warehouse and direct sales.
Provide you with online accountability to every single recorded detail of your equipment.

Tekyard has:

100+ years of combined medical equipment sales experience.
20 highly trained multinational sales associates including 5 degreed medical doctors.
The ability to fluently communicate in 12 foreign languages.
36,000 + regular international medical equipment buyers.

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